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Selecting the right locks for your door

Nov. 02, 2019

There are a lot of locks with different designs on the market. Which one is suitable for your doors? Junying is going to detail the things which need to be taken into account concerning locks for your doors.

Where is the lock need to be used?

Different kinds of locks are surely needed for different parts of your home. Locks designing for indoor purposes are not as weather resistant or strong as those which are designed for outdoor purposes. You can walk around your house and make a list of where you need a lock and what kind of function you want for the lock.

What kind of door will the lock be used for?

Different kind of door needs different kind of lock, which has different installation specifications and maintenance requirements. For instance, an UPVC door requires an anti-snap door cylinder to avoid internal damage and the chance of the door being forced on purpose, while a Mortice lock is a good selection for a wooden door.

What kind of access do you require?

If you need to secure a family home, a deadbolt or Mortice lock is a great choice for the front and back doors and a barrel bolt is good for the bathrooms. If you need to secure a business place, you will need locks which are accessible with master keys, so that you can give them to janitors, cleaners and any other employees. If you are a property manager or a landlord who are in control of many flats, biometric or key coded access is better, because you don’t need to deal with tenants who lost their keys constantly. As a matter o fact, the kind of lock you pick relies on how the property is used.  

Is one lock enough?

If you are worried that your property is easily to be targeted by trespassers, one lock is not enough for you. Usually, a front door requires a Mortice lock and a night latch. For external storage like sheds or gates, padlocks will be a good choice, even these places are locks fitted.

If you need more advice on lock selections for your property, please contact us now. We will be more than happy to help you.