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Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., Limited is a leading lock accessory company in the fast-growing mechanical security segment and has over decades of experiences of manufacturing lock components with very good quality in China. We provide a complete range of lock accessories such as sfic  cores, ic core ,sfic locks custom , lock cylinder, mortise cylinders, cam lock housings, cam lock nuts, cam latches, cam lock washers, cam lock cam,door lock parts, lock parts ,push lock housing, push lock spring, blank key make, etc. with both competitive price and good quality on the market. Our service include precision zinc die casting, aluminium casting service, CNC machining and metal stamping, surface finishing, assembly, etc.

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Quality assurance

In order to manufacture lock parts with superior quality, we introduce a series of advanced facilities such as abrasion tester, salt spray test, optical emission spectrometer, smartscope ZIP lite 300, surfometer, etc. We also carry out visual quality standards for our finishing services to avoid different appearance of the different batch. Moreover, Junying is one of the few Chinese factories who provide PMI (positive material identification) for incoming materials, and you will always receive exactly what you order.


Our customers

Our advanced manufacturing facilities can always meet different customers' requirements, so our lock accessories are exported to the U.S., and most European countries. Our lock products are widely used in electronics, defense, communications, medical and marine industries.

Contact us 

Junying can assist your company in manufacturing lock parts, providing the utmost security for your business.If you need lock parts with very good quality for your project, please contact us. We would welcome any opportunity to be of assistance.