How to protect your home when you are away? Choose the Best Lock

Choose the best lock to protect your home:

It’s terrible to find that your home has been broken into after you return from your vacation. The FBI estimates that about 90% of burglaries can be avoided and therefore there are some measures you can take to prevent home invasions.

Buy a good lock

It’s better to buy deadbolt door locks due to their characteristics of resisting being drilled, picked, or kicked in.

Lock Your Windows

According to a published report, about 30% of home invasions happen through an unlocked door or window and therefore you should always ensure that your doors and windows are locked before you leave home.

Search for weak spots

Don’t leave your cellar doors unsecured. They should be locked from the inside, rather than with a padlock on the outside because padlocks can be cut with a bolt cutter. Some garage doors can be opened with a wire hanger. The door and lock which separate the rest of your home from your garage should be paid close attention to.

Make your home look occupied

Making your home look busy when you are not at home is a good way to avoid burglars. You can turn on some lights on an automatic timer, which makes people think that you are home. Or you can leave some items which make them look like you have a dog in the yard.

Be careful not to tell your plans to the whole world, because burglaries are often committed by people you know according to reports. You can also ask a faithful neighbor to pick up your packages that are left in front of your door when you are on vacation. It’s a great idea to have pathway lights and trim your bushes, especially those near your doors and windows.

Getting a Security System

Research shows that only 12.4% of burglaries end in a conviction, which means most burglars can get away with burglaries. A home security system should be taken into account so that your home will be less appealing than others to a burglar.

These are the measurements that you can take to avoid burglaries when you are on vacation.