Cam locks and their types

Cam lock is one of the most common locks and it is invented by Volker Guelck in 1985. A cam lock is composed of a cylinder and a metal plate that is called a cam. A cylinder is a body of a cam lock that normally has a thread on it upon which a cylinder nut is tightened from a back side of an application. A cam is attached to a core of a locking device and rotates when a key is inserted and turned. We can lock and unlock a cam lock by rotating a cam between 90 to 180 degrees. As we all know, a standard cam lock has two flat sides and two curved sides for the thread. 62″ on the flat sides and 75″ on the curved sides are the industry standard for a normal cam lock.


Cam locks and their types can be used for secure lockers, drawers, windows, cabinets, file cabinets, safety boxes, doors, etc. A cam lock is a simple device which provides security to personal items especially in the office.

Different kinds of Cam locks and their types

There are different kinds of cam locks, including flat key cam locks, tubular style cam locks, combination cam locks, keyless cam locks, electronic cam locks, European style cam locks, high security pagoda cam locks, etc.

The two basic kinds of cam locks are flat key cam locks and tubular cam locks. Flat key cam lock is a kind of least expensive cam lock which can provide medium security and its keys are inserted lining up with discs for allowing rotation. Flat key cam locks are opened with a regular flat key which is designed like a car key or house key. Tubular cam locks are also called ace or round key locks, and they are opened with a key which is a round tubular shaped object that pushed into the cam lock. Tubular cam locks provide better security than flat key cam locks with an affordable price.

Combination cam locks don’t need to deal with keys and you can set the codes you want and you can override current combination with master key or retrieve current combination.

Keyless cam locks are used more as a latching device than securing. Keys are not required and they can be turned by coin slots.

Electronic cam locks can be opened by a RFID card or digital password.

European style cam locks have rounded keys with angled cuts, and it’s not easy to pick the locks.

High security pagoda cam locks are pick proof for the highest security and their keys can only be copied at the factory.