Choosing a good spring material for locks

spring is one of the mostly used products on the market. Without springs, we won’t be able to lock the door behind us. Maybe you don’t know the importance of a spring, due to the reason of them being accessories to other products such as a wristwatch or shock system in the vehicle.

Spring Material for Locks:

Most locks have steel springs, and lock springs create tension. Lock springs perform the task of pushing forward, holding back or softening a force. If the project that you are working on requires a spring, it’s very necessary and also important to know the features and quality of all kinds of spring materials. Every spring material has its own pros and cons. Spring Material for Locks


Things to consider

There are some features you need to pay attention to when it comes to looking for a new spring. You need to know what you need based on the specifications of the replaced spring. You need to consider other factors if you don’t know the specifications. Therefore, you need to analyze the different spring materials and their properties on the market. Some important factors of spring materials that you need to consider are as follows:

  • Heat resistance
  • Reaction to humidity
  • Corrosivity of the environment
  • Performance under various temperatures
  • Needed pressure for optimal performance


Knowing these features of springs can help a spring manufacturer choose which kind of material is the best.


The most common spring materials are stainless steel, music wire and beryllium copper. As a matter of fact, Stainless steel is not the strongest material for a spring, even though it is more corrosion resistant than the other spring materials. Music wire is a high-carbon steel wire. Perhaps music wire is the most common used material for a spring due to its versatility and price. Music wire is durable, but it shouldn’t be used for large moving or high impact equipment. Beryllium copper can not only withstand subzero temperatures but also can conduct high levels of electricity.

When external force is applied, a spring material generates a strain. The performance of a load cell and characteristics of the spring material are very crucial. If you need spring materials with good performance, JY is the best manufacturer for you.