Is a combination padlock as good as a keyed padlock?

A combination padlock can be cracked by trying different codes. The mechanism of the combination padlocks is not as strong as a keyed padlock, so the answer to this question is no.

Even though a combination lock has the advantage of not requiring a key, cracking the code by trying each number is still a problem. For example, a 3-dial padlock can be cracked in 40 minutes, and a 4-dial padlock in 5 hours. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use a combination of padlocks in a remote place. In addition, using other technical methods can also crack a combination padlock.

Most combination padlocks can be reset when the user forgets the password. The code being maliciously reset by other people instead of the user is also a problem. Padlocks with high security requiring a key in order to reset the code are introduced by the combination padlocks manufacturer.