Common knowledge of door lock

door lock is very common in our daily life. You can see it when you go to a room. The lock which is hidden inside of a door is much more complicated than you might imagine.

Common knowledge of door lock

There are three main kinds of door locks on the market, though there are slight differences based on the lock’s manufacturer. It’s better to know the function of each part, so you don’t need to call a locksmith when there is a problem.

Electronic and mechanical locks

Traditional key-and-knob door locks which are also known as mechanical locks are used in schools, libraries and most homes. Electronic locks are also popular for a lot of business owners and homeowners.

Nowadays, electronic locks have become more advanced due to smart technology. For example, a door can be opened by a smart phone. However, the structure of mechanical locks and electronic locks are very similar.

door lock has both internal and external components and the internal components can be considered the lock itself. Internal components are used to secure the door and allow the door to be opened by using the right key, while external components are used to interact with the locking mechanisms.

A lock body which is also called a lock cylinder is the core of a door lock. When a right key is used, a lock body turn to engage the lock’s latch or bolt. A series of spring-loaded pins are used for a lock body so as to allow or stop the turning. The combination of pins which need to be pushed to turn the lock matches the grooves for the door’s key and is unique to every lock body. A lock body can be turned when a key is inserted.

The latch or deadbolt is the part of the door lock which holds the door in place when it’s locked. The deadbolt or latch moves to allow the door to be opened or stop the door from being opened when the lock body turns.