Components of rim locks

Compared with other locks on the market, rim locks are simple. The lock body and the keeper are the main components of rim locks. Components of rim locks also include the latch and plate.

Lock body

Components of rim locks:

The rim lock body is often made of cast iron. However, nickel and brass are used to replace cast iron in recent years. The deadlock bolt and spring-loaded latch are in the lock body. The lock body won’t have a deadlocking bolt if the rim lock in question is a rim latch.

A rim lock’s keyway is designed in two directions. Both right-sided and left-sided doors can install rim locks in two directions.

A rim lock is often keyed locking mechanism, but the rim latch is not usually used with a key. A knob or handle is used to operate the spring-loaded latch. An outer knob is connected to a lock body by a knob spindle. A deadlocked bolt is operated by a rim lock using a key.

A lever mechanism holds a deadlocked bolt in place. A lever mechanism latch will be on the section of a deadlock bolt and holds it in place when raised. Once the lever is lowered, the bolt will be retracted. This is the part where a key does its work. When the right key is entered, a lever will lift the upper section and lower the lower section to make the bolt retract.


When a door lock is closed, a keeper is used to hold a latch and a deadlock bolt in place. And a keeper is often made from cast iron. A keeper is directly fastened to a door jamb and is equivalent to a door strike plate.

Privacy Latch

A privacy latch is an important component of a rim lock, even though not every rim lock has a privacy latch. A privacy latch can lock the door from the interior. Please note that when a rim lock is engaged, the door can’t be operated by a key on the opposite end unless a privacy latch is disengaged. This will be a problem in emergency situations. You will have to kick down a door in order to have granted access.


Escutcheon Plates

Escutcheon plates are often flat metal pieces that offer additional protection and have decorative purposes. Escutcheon plates are only used for some modern locks. Escutcheon plates are important component for a rim lock due to its special design, which are used to protect a doorknob and to outline a keyway.