Different finishing services for lock products (Part 3)

Finishing Services, Gold plating is very important not only in the high technology industry but also in the decorating industry.


Finishing Services:

Gold is a kind of precious metal that has many applications just like silver. It has very good corrosion resistance and good electrical and thermal conductivity. In some applications, its anti-tarnish properties make it a more desirable coating than silver. Gold plating has the advantages of the same gloss, color, and appearance and is not very expensive like solid gold.


Gold plating with high purity is often used without an intermediate coating of bright nickel, so gold plating with high purity is dull and soft. The color of HP gold is yellow, which is almost the same as gold with 24 carats, this is the color of the coating.

Gold plating used for decorating purposes has two different colors. One is to match with brass components, which is known as antique gold. Another is yellow gold, which is richer and more traditional.

Suitable materials

Most metals can be plated with gold. Substrates used for high technology are copper, silver, aluminum, alloy, etc.

Most decorating products are made of copper, and they are plated with nickel first and then gold.

The nickel layer can make the product have good strength and also protect the substrate.

The thickness of gold plating is very thin and is called a “micron”. Gold is a natural form of “soft” metal that can wear easily. The gold plating process has a better performance of wear resistance and long-lasting surface. Under some circumstances, a protective coating of transparent E coating can help the product keep the gold plating finish a longer time.


Gold plating with high purity is used in radio or other high-frequency components, sound systems, electronic components, laser reflectors and other similar items.

Gold plating can be used for decorating purposes, which is for door handles, hinges, jewelry, architectural accessories, furniture upholstery, lamps, trophies, medals, badges, and items in churches and temples.