Different finishing services for lock products: Part 4

finishing services for lock Chrome is also known as Chromium and it is a kind of metal. Chrome plating is a kind of finish that can not only be used for decorative purposes but also can be used for the building and automotive industries. Moreover, chrome plating can provide a harder finish which is hard chrome, combined with heat-treated base materials.

Different finishing services for lock products

Chrome plating for decorative purposes has the advantages of good wear resistance, bright color, and being easy to clean, so it is popular. Nickel combined with chromium used in the coating process has good corrosion resistance. Chrome coating itself has the advantages of stain and abrasion resistance and is suitable for decorative applications in easy wear and tear environments.


When chrome’s substrate is polished well and coated first with bright nickel, chrome will be bright. However, matt or satin can also appear for chrome. Matt finishes can be obtained by polishing or a satin/matt nickel plating process, before the chrome layer. Currently, satin chrome is a popular finish, combined with brushed aluminum fittings or polished stainless steel. Chrome is blue.


Chrome plating can be used for door handles, hubs, wheels, furniture, automotive decals, racks, architectural fittings, etc.

Chromium for decorative purposes can be used for most metal substrates, though it should be coated with copper and nickel layers first.

Environmental tips

Please noted that chromium gets lots of bad press. The chrome solution may be dangerous, which is the reason for strict safety procedures in the plating workshop. However, chrome for decorative purposes is very inert, and will not cause any health hazard to the environment. Please know that the information above is only offered as a general guide and should not be accurate technical advice.