Different key systems

Interchangeable Cores

In different key systems, Interchangeable cores can be extracted from one lock type such as mortise lock, bored cylindrical lock, padlock, etc., and then installed into another without removing or disassembling any component. These units are easily adapted for master keying systems and can be set up with spare cores and keys for quick replacement when a key is stolen or lost or when a personnel change takes place. Extracted cores can then be recombined without urgency and placed back into maintenance storage for future use.

Different key systems:

An interchangeable core is a great choice for creating a new system. Though it is more expensive than the standard core at the beginning, it costs less than rekeying. You can insert a core key into the lock, turn it and then pull out the cylinder in order to rekey an interchangeable core. Then, the new core can be inserted by a new control key and the whole process only takes 20.3 seconds. In that case, a technician is not needed.

Unlike an interchangeable core, a standard core is more complicated. A technician needs to disassemble each standard core, dump the pins, repin each cylinder and reassemble the lock.

Rekeyable Cylinders

A rekeyable cylinder is another great product. Instakey and U-change are the two most popular rekeyable cylinders on the market. Proprietary technology is used for both cylinders, and users can rekey lockes at the door immediately. Users don’t need to call a technician or remove the cylinder. It’s more expensive to install a rekeyable cylinder, just like interchangeable cores are slightly more expensive at the beginning. However, you will soon see the return on the investment, if your location has experienced the moderate amount of rekeys.

Key System Setup and Rekeys

You need to check your policies and procedures and have clear guidelines as follows, if you have a key system in place now.

Key System Setup

· How many keys should be issued in every store?

· Who should carry the keys?

· When is the key system installed on new store openings?

· How are key orders placed?

· How are key orders executed?

· How are lost or stolen keys reported?


· Who should initiate rekeys?

· When should rekeys be classified as emergencies?

· What situations constitute a rekey?