Door handle installation

If you can install a door handle by yourself, you will have a kind of achievement. Usually, a kit and a measurement template are provided for most door handles. You can install a door handle by yourself by following the measurements, creating the holes, and attaching all the required accessories to the door frame.

Drilling the door

The most common placement for a door handle is 41 inches which are 100 cm. Measure 41 inches from the floor. Place the end of a tape measure on the floor. Use a pencil to mark the narrow part of the door.

Door handle installation

A Door handle installation kit’s template should be attached to the door. Use masking tape to make sure the template is attached to the door. Marks showing the drilling part should be made on the template. Mark the narrow part and two outer sides of the door as accurately as possible.

Drill 3 holes in the front, back, and narrow part of the door with a 2mm drill. Make sure not to cause visible damage to the door while drilling a hole.

Drill two spindle holes where the door handle is going to be inserted on both sides of the door by a 25mm spade bit.

Drill a spindle hole on the narrow part of the door by using a 25mm spade bit.

Use a knife to cut around the mark. Use a chisel to remove the wood within the outline. Replace the latch and then screw the latch.

Attach the strike plate to the door jamb. The strike plate and the faceplate should be aligned. Drill a pilot hole with a 2mm drill bit.

Use a knife to cut around the mark and then use a chisel and a hammer to remove the wood within the outline just like what we did with the latch. Reset the strike plate and then screw it.

Put the two door handles in the spindle holes and then screw the handles. You can turn the knobs to check whether they work well or not.