How do I cut a door lock spindle

Are you willing to find ways to cut the door lock spindle of a door lock? Ensuring that the locks and knobs on doors work correctly is a vital job. A correctly sized frame is necessary if you are setting up a new door or keeping a present one. We will walk you through the tools that are needed. You can also learn how to evaluate the spindle to ensure it fits your door exactly in this guide. We are going to discover an easy and secure way to cut it. This book has many simple steps and helpful tips. And due to all of this, it’s ideal for beginners and DIY fans alike. Now, let’s get going!

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How do I cut a door lock spindle?

A door lock spindle is a square metal rod that links the door knobs jointly. Do you wish to cut it? You may need to do this to ensure it is fresh. It is how you do it in a manner that is clear to all of us:

  • Exact Length Measure

First, measure the door lock spindle length from the opening handle. It may only rise slightly—roughly the size of three or two coins placed on top of them. Check the depth of the door and the grip zone where the wheel is located. With that, add the amounts together to get the necessary spindle width.


  • Locating the Spindle

Once the length is correct, label the spindle using a tiny marker. Both a pencil and a marker work nicely. For exact cutting advice, verify that the line is well-marked.


  • Keeping the Spindle

It’s vital to prevent the spindle from rotating through the cutting stage. It can be held tightly on a surface or desk with a tool such as a clamp or vice. Verify that the region you want to cut is easy to find.


  • Selecting the tool

A hacksaw is an ideal tool for cutting a spindle. Its blade, with its fine teeth, is helpful for quickly cutting into metal. A screw cutter may be used if you do not have a hacksaw to use, but the cut may not be as clean.


  • Slicing the Spindle

After setting the hacksaw in line with your mark, begin cutting back and forth lightly. For an easy and even cut, attempt to keep the saw level. When using nut cutters, align them to the line and use force to cut into the spindle.


  • Smooth Out the Ends

The spindle ends might have a slightly sharp edge or be rough after cutting. These edges can be turned less sharp by reducing them with a metal tool. Also, improving its fit in the door grip makes the spindle safer to handle.


  • Exploring Fit

Test the fit by putting the door lock spindle into the door lever again. It must have just the right level of loose or stiff to link the handles on each side of the door. When doing this, the quiet operation of the door is assured.


  • Being Safe

To shield your eyes from tiny metal parts, always wear safety glasses. Also, put on gloves to protect your hands from rough surfaces. Ensure your work area is tidy and bright for greater clarity while laboring.

These steps will help you cut a door lock spindle to the precise size required by your door. Check the safety and usability of your door handles.

What is the best door lock core to buy if I need a new one?

You must select the best lock when installing your door’s lock. The Key-in-Knob Cylinder lock is an ideal choice. Most door knobs and handles are suitable for using this type of lock. Due to this ability, it’s also beneficial for nearly any door at the house or even in a job. It offers excellent safety and is easy to use. Also, a locksmith can swap your key when you require one. This lock is a beautiful pick, as it is easy to set up. Also, you can pick it up if you’d like to quickly and easily get your door safe.

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Where should I go if I need more details on the lock spindle?

Do you want to find out more about door locks and spindles? Then we’ve got an excellent site for you to check out: Junying Metal Manufacturing. You can find lots of valuable data on their web page. They offer an understanding of all elements of door locks. You will find easy tips and hints for fixing locks and picking the right spindle. Junying Metal Manufacturing has the image of being smart. Also, this site is ideal for everybody, from beginners to lovers of DIY projects. It is a helpful tool if you need more details about making your doors secure and valuable.


When should I replace a door lock spindle?

Replace it if it’s broken or needs a different type for new handles.

Are all door lock spindles the same?

No, there are different types, but they are all cut similarly. Always check what type you have.

How do I measure the door lock spindle?

Put the spindle in the lock and see how much sticks out. It should not stick out past the doorknobs.

How do I smooth the cut end?

Use a metal file to smooth the ends so they won’t snag or hurt someone.

Will cutting it change how my lock works?

If you cut it right, your lock will work just fine. Ensure the spindle isn’t too short; it must reach both doorknobs to work correctly.


Cutting your door lock spindle is easy if you’ve got the correct items and take steps to avoid harm. To ensure the spindle fits the doorway, check it first; it should not extend over the grips. Cut the door lock spindle with tools such as a hacksaw or screw cutters. Remember to do so correctly to avoid cutting it too short. Wear gloves and goggles to shield your hands and eyes since safety is vital. After cutting, polish off the spindle ends using a file. It reduces the risk of wounds or cuts when closing the door. Make sure your door lock runs correctly and looks great with these steps!