When shall you change your Door Locks?

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Door locks are very important to the security of your home. However, when shall you change your door locks? The cases when you need to change your door locks are as the following:

When there is damage

Usually, most locks have a good service life for a long time, but it’s recommended that a lock should be used for only 7 years. If your lock is used for more than seven years, wear will occur. Even though surface damage won’t affect the security of your home, it’s better to be cautious. If your lock has a mechanical problem, it’s better to replace it.

When you move to a new place

When you move to a new place, you’d better change the locks, because you don’t know who might still have a copy of the spare key.

When your key is lost

If you drop your keys or they are stolen, then your locks should definitely be replaced in order to guard your home.

If you break up with someone or divorce someone

It’s a good idea to replace your locks if your ex-partner still has access to your home. It’s better to take precautions just in case things go wrong in a relationship.

If someone broke into your home

This is one of the most important cases to replace your locks. Even if the burglar fails to break through the door, your locking mechanism will be compromised or weakened. It’s better to change the anti-snap cylinders to make them function well, even if they can still work once broken.

Installing new locks after someone breaks into your home will keep your home safe.