How secure are euro cylinder locks

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Euro cylinder locks are a practical choice for both office and home safety. They are simple to use and install. But many people need to figure out how secure these locks are. In this article, we will talk about the safety of these locks. Many security systems come along with these locks. We’ll explore all this and discuss a few of these locks’ flaws. You can boost security by knowing their advantages and disadvantages. The following steps help you determine whether you want to check if your locks are safe or want to buy these locks. Keep going to get all the facts you need to protect your house or place of work with these cylinder locks.

euro cylinder lock

How secure are euro cylinder locks?

  • Level of Basic Security

Cheap Cylinders: These locks are often seen in budget homes. Burglars can just pick, bump, or drill into these. They are an easy target as they need robust safety features.

Mid-Range Cylinders: These locks are better than others that are cheaper. They may still be open to more complex attacks, even if they have a few traits that limit picking and bumping. They give the right mix of price and safety.

  • Unique Safety Features of high-quality euro cylinder locks:

Anti-Pick: Fine locks have been built to resist picking. They use unique pin setups that are hard for thieves to open without a key.

Anti-Bump: Special pins prevent bump keys from breaking these locks. They are so safer against this usual attack style.

Anti-Snap: To stop snapping, these locks built-up parts. If the lock tries to be cracked, it will break in a style that ensures door safety.

Anti-Drill: Drilling is impossible in these locks’ solid steel parts. Because of this, it is tough for burglars to get inside the lock and unlock the door.

  • Standards and Certification

British EN 1303 Standard: An essential. This standard is in Europe and the UK. This standard’s locks have passed safety and quality tests.

TS007: Based on this, locks get ratings from one to three stars for resistance to snapping. For the best level of safety, go for a lock with three stars.

Sold Secure Diamond Standard: Got With Safe Diamond Standard approval. It implies very high security.

  • Setting Up and Using

Proper Setup: The finest locks can only work well if put correctly. Verify that the lock and door fit firmly. It is best to have the setup done by experts.

Use: It’s vital to do basic upkeep. Take care of it with some oil. And regular cleaning is needed for it.

  • Security in Context

Layered Safety: Do not rely just on a single lock for safety. Take extra measures such as security cameras, thicker strike plates, and door chains. These could significantly decrease the risk of house attacks.

euro cylinder lock


The quality and design of these locks affect the level of security. Solid security can be ensured with high-quality locks. And the locks must be fitted properly and have the latest technology. Boosting the safety of your house may help it be more secure.

Who provides the finest and safest euro cylinder locks?

One of the top vendors of these cylinder locks is Junying Metal Manufacturing. They are resistant to drilling, cracking, bumping, and picking. They are best because of the strength and solidity of their locks. They fulfill high safety needs, so you may put trust in them. To see their choices and get the best locks, go to Junying Metal Manufacturing’s site.


What are euro cylinder locks?

It is a lock. It looks like a cylinder and could be used to lock house doors, workspace, etc.

Are these locks safe?

Yes, they can be safe if they are high quality and installed correctly.

What makes these secure?

Best-quality locks have features like resistance to drills, snaps, and pick protection.

What are the wrong sides of it?

Some can be broken by snapping, bumping, or drilling if they are of cheap quality.

What is lock snapping?

If someone breaks the lock and opens the door, it is called lock snapping.

Can these locks be picked?

Low quality locks can be picked, but high-quality ones have features that make this very hard.

In summary

The security levels offered by these cylinder locks vary. Low-cost locks offer little safety but are simple to break. Midrange locks provide better safety features. Excellent locks with anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-snap, and anti-drill features provide high safety. It’s vital to install and keep up carefully. These locks can improve the defense of your house or place of work when linked with other forms of safety.