Four Kinds of Drawer and Cabinet Locks

Cam Locks 

When it comes to drawer and cabinet locks, cam locks are the most versatile choice. Usually, cam locks are used for sliding or hinged cabinet doors. The drawer or door is locked by the cam which slides behind the fixture. There are two different kinds of cam, the straight cam, and the offset cam. The straight cam doesn’t have a bend in the cam, but the offset cam has a cam that curves up.

The length of the cam, the length of the housing, and the finish determine the price of the cam lock. Cam locks have the most fluctuating price among all the drawer and cabinet locks.

Plunger Locks

A plunger Lock is used for sliding glass doors and is ideal for cabinets, drawers, merchandise showcases, and office furniture with keyed alike keyed different, ly or master key.

Ratchet Locks

Ratchet locks have a bar that slides back and forth to open or close the glass door. Ratchet locks have the advantage of being replaced easily. You can replace ratchet locks by yourself instead of a locksmith. However, this doesn’t mean they are not secure.


Deadbolt Locks

A deadbolt lock is another choice for drawer or cabinet doors and it’s sturdier and more securer. However, a deadbolt lock is not versatile like other drawer or cabinet locks.