Improving the Security of your Garage Locks

People keep some of the most valuable things in the garage locks, including cars, power tools, surfboards, electric guitars, etc, because there is not enough room in the other part of your home. Usually, the garage is a place where its security is easily compromised. There is only one cylinder lock in the door handle, which is extremely to break. How can you improve the security of your garage and make sure that all your precious belongings are secure?

Adding another Garage Locks

Adding another lock or bolt is the simplest way to improve your garage locks security. Firstly, you need to make sure that the current lock is working well and can’t be compromised. If your lock can be compromised, you should change it with a stronger lock. After that, a drop bolt should be applied. Using a padlock can secure the detached garage. If your garage locks have access to your home, a bolt should be used inside, so that you could lock it at night. If your garage has two locks, it will be much safer.

Having an electronic lock

Electronic locks are widely used and they are more difficult to dupe, while mechanical locks can be easily picked. There are some electronic systems that can be remotely controlled. Therefore, you can check whether or not your garage is locked and deny access from wherever you are. You can’t just depend on the electronic lock alone, and mechanical locks should be used as well. Of course, two locks are better than one.

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Other security methods

You can install CCTV not only to see what’s going on in your garage at any time but also to scare the thief. The thief will be spooked if he or she is watched. Or you can install an alarm or automatic light.

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