Guangzhou Lock Security product Exhibition-C-LOCK 2018

Exhibition Date: Sept 26-28, 2018.

Exhibition City: metropolis.

Exhibition Venue: Baoli World Trade accumulation Hall, Guangzhou.

Address: No. 1000, Xingang East Road, Haizhu District, metropolis town, Guangdong, China.

Organizer & Promoter: Shanghai Huide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Contact Tel: 021-39889010, 13120833680.

Sponsors: Shanghai Door & Window trade Association, Shanghai Metal product Association, Jiangsu Metal Product trade Association, Zhejiang Lock trade Association, etc.

Media: China News, Economic Daily, C114, etc.

Guangzhou Lock:

Introduction of the Exhibition

Guangzhou Lock: Held below the expression “Smart Life, Lock of the Future”, this exhibition is going to specialize in product innovation, trade development, and also the promotion of advanced security products. Aiming at providing a much better platform for dealings, technical exchanges, and promotion, yet as enriching supporting activities, the organizer of the exhibition intricately organized a series of important activities. The full-range promotion strategy of the exhibition sets up a communication and cooperation platform supported by the frontier perspective and also the actuation of technology, spreading to consumers from not simply China, but however the Asian-Pacific region, and even the globe. With such a chance, exhibitors will exploit domestic and overseas markets, and contact targeted consumers additional effectively. Shanghai Huide Exhibition Service Co., Ltd offers a global, skilled, high-quality platform for firms to speak, negotiate, transact, and get together.

Security product industrial bases from everywhere the country offers over twenty,000 exhibits, hour of that square measure new product. presumptively five hundred about leading firms of locks and security can be part of the exhibition. metropolis lock Security product Exhibition adheres to the strategy of group action, professionalization, marketization, and branding. propulsion beside domestic and abroad skilled media, the exhibition can try for a global complete integrated human activity, exchanging and transacting into its distinctive image.

Exhibition Highlights

The exhibition is going to be command in the metropolis Baoli World Trade accumulation Hall, which covers a vast scale of locks, as well as electronic lock, smart lock, fingerprint lock, facial-scanning lock, lock with iris, and different biometric recognition, etc. Meanwhile, the organizer can organize product observation and audience participation for skilled shoppers from varied fields. it’s expected that over fifty,000 guests, and 10,000 shoppers can attend the exhibition. Besides, connected establishments, buying delegations also will be invited.

At the equivalent time, multiple high-end events are going to be command in relation to promoting security products, like lock and security forum for trade development, biological recognition technology forum, etc. within the case of trade organization management, a promotion conference for well-known enterprises from security trade is going to be organized in order that leading entrepreneurs and firms in lock and security trade and intelligent producing trade will gather and analyze the event prospect along.

The exhibition devotes to meeting the requirements of all parties, warmly inviting authorities, trade associations, experts, and purchasers from home and abroad. Through the show, demonstration and made, and varied activities, it’ll become Associate in the Nursing totality of economic dealings, exhibition, communication, event promotion, choosing over, Associate in Nursingd an annual ceremony of real high-end international exchange platform designed for locks and security trade.

Scopes of the Exhibition

Electronic Lock:

Smart lock, fingerprint lock, optically management and secret lock, physical science management lock, etc.

Mechanical Lock:

Fireproof lock, door lock with knobs, mortice lock, locks for grip, furniture, passageway, etc.

Lockset Accessories, Correlation Technique Facilities

Metal product for door and window, furniture, production technique and facilities for lock, etc.


Security Products:

Intelligent building system, alarm, felony protection system, attending arrival system, wireless talkback push button, etc.

Targeted Audience


Commercial, buying agencies, wholesalers, traders of construction materials, applied science, refined decoration from home and abroad, etc.

Real estate developers, decoration firms, high-end/smart communities, light-current system integrators, construction organizations, etc.

Well-known producing enterprises of door and window, furniture, grip and bag, etc.

Relevant government departments, research project institutes, faculties and universities, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Design/planning departments, buying departments, experts, students from relevant organizations.

Smart product market, supermarkets, looking malls, etc.