Rekeying or Replacing your House Locks

There are some solutions to improve the security of your home. You can either rekey your House Locks or replace your locks. Junying is going to explain which one to choose for you.

Do you like the brand of your House Locks?

You should not replace your locks if you like the brand of House Locksyou have. However, you can rekey them so as to have better security for your home, or you can implement a master key system. In this case, it’s easier for you to just rekey the lock you have.

Do you lose your keys?

If you have lost your keys recently, you need to consider the fact that your key is now compromised and your home is no longer safe like before. The easy way is to rekey your House Locks because the main problem is your keys, not your locks. By doing that, nobody can use the lost key to have access to your house.

Would you like to replace your House Locksfor better security?

You can rekey or replace your locks if you want to have better security. If you just want to reduce the risk of other people who might have a key, then rekeying your locks will be your best choice. If you want to have a lock with a higher grade to improve security, you should search for a lock with better security and replace the lock you have now.

How much money do you want to spend on your security?

The amount of money paid for your security can be the most important thing for some homeowners. If money is not a problem for you and you are willing to buy a new lockset with better grades for your home, then you can choose to replace your locks. If your lock can still work well, the much lower price of rekeying is more attractive than the price of buying a new lockset.

Is your lock old?

You may love your lock very much, but you should know that locks are not meant to last forever and need to be replaced eventually. If you want to have better security for your house and you have an old lock, it will not be a good idea to rekey your lock. In this case, it’s better to buy a new lockset and replace the original one.

Has someone broken into your house lately?

There are some measures that you can take to avoid burglaries. If someone has broken into your house lately, you ought to assess the way in which the burglary happens, which can help you decide whether you ought to rekey or replace your locks. If the burglar breaks in by damaging your locks, then you ought to replace the lock instead of rekeying it.

Do you need to move into a new house?

When you move into a new house, you““““““““““`1 don’t know exactly who might have a copy of the spare key and therefore you need to ensure that your house is not vulnerable. In this situation, it is recommended to rekey all the locks in your new house. However, if you would like to change the locks, you should surely replace them.