How to Prevent Theft?

Previous statistics show that theft occurs every minute.

How to prevent theft? Therefore, one of the steps taken by people to take various precautions is to use a padlock.

How to prevent theft?

It’s in these parts that the strength and vulnerability of padlocks are here. Intruders of theft missions typically target these specific areas. Their targets can be achieved through a variety of technologies as follows. The intruders target the locking mechanism by lockpicking, master keys and copy cat keys. They can also target the shackle or shank by cutting or sawing. There are some other ways such as raking, jiggling, single pin, shimming, bumping, etc.


We can use a closed shackle padlock to prevent the padlock from cutting or sawing, because the shackle of a closed shackle padlock is guarded to keep either cutting or sawing.

Lockpickingcutting or sawing
We can invest in an alarm padlock to avoid lockpicking, cutting or sawing, because an alarm padlock has an alarm system. An alarm padlock has advantage of setting off the alarm, when there is any forcing attempt with the padlock.


We can use a combination padlock to prevent lockpicking. A key is not required when we use a combination padlock. We only need a code to open the lock. It takes more time to cracking codes than using a key.

Master key

We need to avoid cheap padlocks from vendors on the street, because cheap means expensive. Most likely, the padlock is a replica of a genuine brand and can be opened with any key as long as it can be inserted into the keyhole.

Copy cat keys

Don’t show your keys to other people in public places, because someone with a bad motivation might get an accurate copy of your key simply by pressing it on plasticine or bar soap to get an imprint. Don’t make a copy of your keys from a keymaker which is nearby whether you trust him or not, because the keymaker might keep a copy of your keys. It will be worse off if the keymaker knows where you live.