Is a fully weatherproof padlock really necessary?

A fully weatherproof padlock is also known as a marine padlock and it can be used in saline and other extreme environments. A fully weatherproof padlock is made of 100% stainless and non-corrosive materials. The internal mechanism is the part that makes a padlock function properly. It uses a tiny pin and spring and is very complex and small. The lock barrel will not be operated when the internal mechanism is corroded or rusted. Eventually, the padlock will not be opened. However, padlocks that are not made of 100% stainless and non-corrosive materials can also be used outdoors. Therefore, a fully weatherproof padlock is not necessary.

The dilemma between security and weatherproof

Non-corrosive materials are usually softer and they can be cut or sawn easily. For instance, there are two kinds of brass padlocks with the same design and size, one with a hardened steel shackle and another one with stainless steel shackle. The padlock with stainless shackles will be attacked more easily because of the softer shackle. You should choose a padlock based on your application.

It’s recommended using padlocks with hardened shackles for general outdoor. Even though the shackle of the padlock might be corroded, its function won’t be affected.

However, if you need a padlock in extreme environments such as the sea, boat, underwater, etc., a padlock with marine grade is the best option. A padlock with marine grade usually has an icon of raindrops.