How to lock French doors

Thanks for coming to our complete article on safety-locking French doors! These doors can make your house look lovely, but you must manage them safely. This article will show the many locking systems used, from easy locks to hard safety features. Whether someone is eager or an owner, we have concepts and ideas that fit all kinds of people. Let’s begin by ensuring that your doors are as close as possible!

lock French doors

What is the importance of locking French doors?

You must secure your doors if you’re trying to ensure that your loved ones and your house are safe. Even though these doors may seem reasonable, it may be easier for thieves to get in if they are not safely locked. You can make it harder for someone to sneak in and build issues while you lock your doors. It’s like building a solid wall that keeps your house and all those inside safe. So, always lock the doors, whether resting at your place or on a trip. Also, be sure that the good things remain inside and the bad things stay outside!

How do you lock French doors?

  • Locks that Stay: Adding a lock to all doors is tough. For the sake of the door frame’s power, the lock has been firmly set in it. Deadbolts are the most potent type of locks; these make it very hard for burglars to get in. Just be alert to use solid ones and then fix them correctly!
  • Stick-on bolts or sliding bolts: These bolts may be placed on the top and bottom of the rarely used doors. They keep it securely in its frame. These bolts are like large stickers that you can put on a door to boost its level of safety. They are easy to set up to prevent your door from opening if you do not wish it to.
  • Hidden Bolts: These bolts can be found inside a rarely used door’s edges. When you lock them, they extend and grip onto the frame. They are like secret agents living inside a doorway, guarding it safely closed. These bolts are clever, and they do a great job!
  • Locks with Many Arms: Picture a lock with many hands holding the entryway from every angle. That’s a type of complex lock! To keep the door tightly shut, there are a few bolts and a deadbolt all over its length. It’s like guarding your door by circling it in a big hug.
  • Keys to the Rescue: Having a pair of locks on your doors is similar to adding extra security. A person requires a key to get into the other door, even if they can unlock one. Similar to magic spells, keys offer entry for just the right people. It’s like getting a secret code to protect your home!
  • Bars & Strong Items: You may add bars to make your doors even more challenging. Also, you can add other compelling elements to them. This makes it hard for burglars to get in, even with great effort. It’s like giving the gates with divine powers for the safety of your home!

 lock French doors

To ensure the safety of your doors, always select only the best locks and parts. Consider talking with a skilled locksmith, too. You can contact a door setup expert for top safety ideas for your doors.

How do I get the best lock parts and locks for French doors?

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How do I lock French doors from the inside?

You can turn the key or handle to lock them.

Are there special locks with glass panels for these doors?

Yes, there are locks made for glass panels.

Do I need extra security measures for these doors?

Consider adding slide bolts or security bars for extra safety.

Can I use sliding bolts to secure these doors?

Yes, sliding bolts work well to keep them shut tight.

Are there childproof locks for these doors?

Yes, there are lock complexes for kids to open.

How can I ensure my doors are locked when I leave?

Double-check the locks before you go out.

Are there smart locks for these doors?

Yes, smart locks let you lock them remotely.

Can I reinforce these doors for more security?

Yes, you can add things like reinforcement kits or security bars.


If you wish to keep the safety of your home, you must lock your doors. There are many methods, including brutal locks and other safety devices. You may feel safe inside the house when you protect your doors correctly. So, guarding the gates, no matter how you choose, boosts your and your loved ones’ security.