Door Knob Set and Mortise locks

Mortise locks are popular over the years. However, They can only secure a home in a common way. A lot of people like a knob set, because it doesn’t require a large pocket in a door. If you want to use a knob set instead of a mortise lock, you’ll have to remove the mortise lock first. And you need to fill in the extra space which was cut in the area where the door meets the doorjamb when closed. When the area can fit the new knob set, you can install the face plate, insert the doorknob and test the lock.

How to install a door knob set?

Using a door lock installation template is the easiest way to make space for the new doorknob. A template can help you drill the holes you need. Two screws should be placed in order to hold a template. Use a bit to drill a hole for the new doorknob.

You will have a space for the new lock after you remove the template of the door lock. Match the rest of the doorjamb by painting over the block and then the new lock can be installed.

Usually, a door knob set is often cheaper and studier than a mortise lock. You can install a door knob set by yourself by following the steps above.