Padlocks required by your insurance companies

Many insurance companies might have the following requirements:

  • A closed shackle padlock
  • A 5 lever padlock
  • A sold secure padlock
  • 3 or more CEN graded padlock


What if a closed shackle padlock is required by your insurance company?

Closed shackle padlocks have built up walls around the shackle, which cannot be attacked by cutters. It’s difficult to define a closed shackle padlock, because block shaped shutter padlocks and circular discus padlocks technically have closed shackle designs. If you have any doubt about the closed shackle padlock, you can ask your insurance company for more information.

What if a 5 lever lock is required?

Door locks are often designed with levers, but padlocks are hardly made with levers. You insurance company is confused about door locks and padlocks. Actually, your insurance company wants to ask a 5 pin padlock. The padlock has 5 loaded pins that can life up and down based on your key’s shape. It’s safer to use padlocks with 5 pins. However, locks with 5 pins are not very secure. They can also be compromised. If a 5 lever lock is required by your insurance company, it’s recommend using a CEN grade padlock.