Quality Control

In order to succeed beyond customers’ expectations.

Junying Metal Manufacturing Co., Limited has measuring instruments and advanced equipment to make our lock components have very good quality.


Calipers can quickly determine assembly tolerances, and the lock parts can be spot-checked at any time during the lock manufacturing process.

Go/no-go gauge

Quickly check the thread of rough die casting through go/no-go gauge.

Plug gauge

Quickly measure the diameter of the hole of die casting part.

Abrasion Tester

For the wear resistance of the paint surface and plating layer, we also have the paint adhesion test to know adhesive force of the paint and plating layer.

Salt spray test

We often test the metal paint surface and plating layer with 5% hydrochloric acid.

Visual quality standards

Junying carries out visual quality standards for our finishing services plastic injection molding services in order to inspect painted surfaces and make sure consistent appearance.By doing that, we can ensure the same appearance of the different batch of the product.

Optical Emission Spectrometer (OES)

Our OES is a kind of apparatus which uses a current to charge a sample of a material. The resulting plasma discharge is unique to each element and the OES can read the pattern to determine the complete composition of the metal.There are a lot of metal with similar alloys and grades on the market and some of which are mislabeled or fraudulent. Junying provides PMI (positive material identification) for all the materials.Therefore, our customers will always receive exactly what they order. Junying is one of the few factories who provide this kind of service in China.

SmartScope ZIP Lite 300

The SmartScope ZIP Lite 300 is a contactless optical measurement system that uses white LEDs with high-intensity for fast and accurate two-dimensional measurement of the components.

High-precision mechanical bearings and DC stepper motors are mounted on a rugged granite base, which guarantees reliable and repeatable accuracy. The SmartScope can be quickly programmed to run a variety of automated measurements of similar shapes, combined with the sophisticated and easy-to-use Measure Mind software.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

The most basic coordinate is a point, a fixed singular position in three-dimensional space. Parameters of complex shapes can be defined by a series of points. Thus, the CMM (coordinate measuring machine) is capable of collecting the set of points for a given object and having acceptable accuracy and repeatability.


The Mitutoyo Surfometer can measure a surface roughness of an item so as to ensure a specific surface finish. Moreover, the device is portable, which is more convenient for our customers.

Factory tour

We obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification in 2015. When the customers visit our factory, they are always impressed by our advanced equipment. If you want to see them yourself, we can arrange a factory tour for you.

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