Reducing Your Door Hardware Specification Budget

Have you ever checked your door hardware specification budget carefully? The average hardware budget is about $15,000 for one building

Specialists of door and hardware find that more than 10 to 20 percent of the cost can be removed from customers’ budgets.

There are a few main things we look for that often cut each door hardware specification budget way down. Here are four things to check in your specifications to help you save money.

There are some things we look for which often reduce your door hardware budget. Four things that can help you save money are as follows.

Four Things Which Can Reduce Your Door Hardware Specification Budget

Make Sure That Proper Grade Hardware is Specified

Hardware is very important. When an improper grade is specified, thousands of dollars will be costed for your door hardware budget or repair and maintenance budget. You can install grade one hardware, which costs more money, or you can install grade three hardware, which costs you money on the repair.

How can you know which grade to choose? First, the security needs and frequency of use should be taken into account. Higher-grade hardware should be used for high security and high use. Door hardware with low grade shouldn’t be used.

Make sure that door hardware with grade three is not used for any commercial facility, because grade three is only for residential use and doesn’t meet the commercial requirement.

Find any “Like for Like” Allowances

Check your specifications and mark any places where you see the term “like for like.”

Why does it become a problem?

Hardware grades are a minimum set of standards. Hardware with grade two can handle lots of variation in the amount of abuse. For instance, some grade two levers can meet the minimum BHMA/ANSI standard of 400,000 cycles. However, others are close to 1000000, which is a 600000 cycles difference.

You need to be as specific as possible. You can list other door hardware products that you might accept, which will increase your door hardware budget or your repair budget in the future.

Make sure that the door hardware is properly specified

It’s important to make sure that the hardware is properly specified, but it can only be done with the help of a door and hardware expert. An expert can help you check the specifications such as Life-safety code compliance, ADA code compliance, fire-code compliance, appropriate material, application, and hardware grade.

You can spend less money on your door hardware specification budget if you check your specification for the four elements.

Check every opening for missing or unnecessary accessories

An incomplete specification is another thing to check. I think a specification that didn’t have either missing or unnecessary parts is not discussed. We have seen specifications that have left off hinges or have forgotten the protective hardware.

These will make your door hardware specification increase through fearful change orders, which not only cost more money but are also difficult to handle. Check every opening to make sure that the necessary parts are there and have the right quantities.