Removing a Door Handle

Removing a Handle with Exposed Screws

There are several ways to remove a door handle based on the structure of the door handle. If the handle has exposed mounting screws, you can loosen them in order to remove the handle. If you can’t find any visible screws, check whether the cover plate behind the handle can be unscrewed or pried off.

There are one to three exposed mounting screws on the side of the door which doesn’t have a keyhole. Check whether or not there are screws on the cover plate which surround the handle. Check the neck of the lever or knob if there aren’t exposed screws on the cover plate. Use a screwdriver to loosen the mounting screws. You can use a screwdriver to remove the exposed screws. Pull the levers or knobs out of the latch mechanism after the mounting screws are removed.

If you need to install a new handle, you should remove the lath mechanism. Loosen the screws on the latch plate. You can pull the latch mechanism after the latch plate is removed.

Loosening Recessed Fasteners

Check the neck of the lever or knob and see if there is a small hole in the case of not having visible screws. You can release the handle by loosening the small screw in the hole.

Removing a Door Handle with a Cover Plate

Inert a flat-head screwdriver to the notch, so that the cover plate can be pried off. You will see the screws which hold the inner mechanism together after prying off the cover plate. Remove the mounting screws from the door mechanism and then pull out the handles. If you can’t pull them out, that means the spindle connects them. Loosen the screws over the plate on the side of the door if you want to remove the entire door mechanism. The latch plate can be pried off and then the latch mechanism can be pulled out.