Replacing a Lock

When you replace a lock, that means you will be using a brand-new lock. Compared with rekeying locks, it’s more expensive to replace a lock, even though replacing a lock provides better security. Lock replacement costs more because a new lockset for the door is required. You need to decide what kind of lock you want before replacing it.

When selecting a new lock to replace the old one, you need to consider some factors such as your budget, features, and preferences you want for your lock. For example, if you want to replace a Euro cylinder lock with a mortise lock, rekeying can’t be used as a solution. You can buy the new lock you want from a hardware store or your locksmith. The advantages and disadvantages of replacing locks are as the following.

Advantages of replacing a lock

Being customized

Some people often take customized security for granted, but replacing a lock enables you to customize your security. If you want to have more security pins, you can have them. Or if you would like to have longer screws for your new lock, you will have it. Replacing a new lock makes you better security.

Having better security

You will be able to upgrade your locks and improve your home security if you choose to replace a lock instead of rekeying it. For example, if you have a deadbolt with Grade 2 installed at home, you can’t choose a deadbolt whose Grade is lower than Grade 2. Or you can select a better lock like a smart lock. You have the ability to improve your security whatever you decide for the new lock.

Disadvantages of replacing a lock

Costing more money

Replacing a lock costs more money compared with a rekeying lock. Besides the cost of the new lockset, you still need to pay for the labor cost. The new lock cost much more than the key pins. It won’t be an issue for people who have a large budget. but if people don’t want to pay much for a lock, this will be a problem.