Cabinet locks Replacing filing

filing cabinet lock is widely used to secure filing cabinets that store important documents in homes and businesses. Even though now we have entered a digital age, file cabinets are still very important. Usually, there are plunger and cam locking mechanisms for filing cabinet locks. In order to avoid people who don’t have authorized access from opening the filing cabinet, the manager needs to replace the locks. Even if you lost your key, it’s very easy to replace the filing cabinet lock.

Most filing cabinet locks are gravity-based. Even if you lost your key, you can turn the cabinet upside down so as to open the cabinet. If it can’t be opened, you should drill the lock’s cylinder where you insert the key. However, please be very careful in order not to cause damage to the cabinet. The cabinet can be opened after the lock’s cylinder is drilled.


Remove the C-shaped clip which is at the back of the lock with pliers and you will be able to slide the lockout. The next step is to install the new lock. You can follow the following steps to install the new lock. Insert the key in the new lock in order to make sure the new lock is unlocked. Insert the new lock into the cabinet and ensure that the tailpiece is pointing down and the keyway is upright. The C-clip should be against the cabinet’s inner wall. The two prongs on the clip should be inserted into the holes on the lock body which is drilled in advance.

Check whether or not the lock bolt on the back of the lock aligns with the locking mechanism in the cabinet. Check whether or not you can open the new lock by using your key.