How to Measure a Cam Lock

Cam Lock

Introduction Cam locks, those unsung heroes of cabinets and doors, are vital for making sure everything fits just right. Accurate measurements are the secret sauce to a smooth and secure installation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll roll up our sleeves and dig into the details of measuring a lock accurately. The following article aims to […]

How Does Cam Lock Work? Learn Step by Step

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The magic happens thanks to a key and a metal piece called a cam. When you turn the key, it rotates the cam, either locking or unlocking the mechanism. The cam’s tail, a protrusion, plays a key role—extending to secure the lock or retracting to release it. Installing a cam lock might seem daunting, but […]

The knowledge of Cam Locks

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A Cam Lock is composed of a fixed cylinder and a cam that rotates 90 degrees at the back end. The security of cam locks can range from simple flat keys to patented anti-theft keys with high security like Pagoda keyways. Terminology relating to cam locks: A Cam is an arm on the back. When the […]