Are Cam Locks Secure & How Safe They Are

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Cam locks are a common type of lock used in many everyday items. You find them in cabinets, mailboxes, and even in some types of furniture. But are cam locks secure? Cam locks offer basic security, suitable for everyday use in cabinets and mailboxes. Their security depends on the material, type, and installation. Let’s explain […]

How to Measure a Cam Lock

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Introduction Cam locks, those unsung heroes of cabinets and doors, are vital for making sure everything fits just right. Accurate measurements are the secret sauce to a smooth and secure installation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll roll up our sleeves and dig into the details of measuring a lock accurately. The following article aims to […]

How Does Cam Lock Work? Learn Step by Step

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The magic happens thanks to a key and a metal piece called a cam. When you turn the key, it rotates the cam, either locking or unlocking the mechanism. The cam’s tail, a protrusion, plays a key role—extending to secure the lock or retracting to release it. Installing a cam lock might seem daunting, but […]

The knowledge of Cam Locks

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A Cam Lock is composed of a fixed cylinder and a cam that rotates 90 degrees at the back end. The security of cam locks can range from simple flat keys to patented anti-theft keys with high security like Pagoda keyways. Terminology relating to cam locks: A Cam is an arm on the back. When the […]