The Applications of Cam locks

Applications of cam locks have a cylindrical mechanism and are widely used in our daily life. The common applications of cam locks are as the following.


Cam locks are often used for lockers in schools, gyms, and hospitals as they provide security for personal belongings.

Furniture made of wood

Cam locks make wooden furniture complete, secure, stylish, and functional. Therefore, applications of cam locks are used for wooden furniture.

Furniture made of metal

Applications of cam locks are often used for furniture which is made of metal, including drawers, desks, filing cabinets, and office storage units. Junying supplies cam lock solutions for any metal furniture.


Cam locks can avoid private mail from being stolen, so they are used for mailboxes.

Doors & windows

Property builders use cam locks which are water-resistant for garage doors and window handles because they are secure and practical.

Medical office furniture 
Safe storage for confidential medicines and documents is often required for medical offices like hospitals and GP surgeries and only allocated staff have access to the storage. Cam locks are perfect for medical storage.

Automotive accessories

You can find cam locks in the automotive industry such as bike carriers, caravans, tow hooks, roof racks, fuel filler caps, etc.

Bicycle locks 
Cam locks can be used for traditional bicycle locks or bike batteries and are ideal for providing bike security solutions.


Cam locks are good for industrial enclosures which protect electrical or mechanical equipment.

Asset management systems 
Asset management systems require good security. We supply pick-resistant locks of very good quality for safes, cash registers, vending machines, gaming machines, etc.

Junying is the best lock accessory for industrial uses in China. You can view more cam lock products on our website. We are looking forward to providing the best locking solution for you.