The Lock Exhibition Guangzhou International 2019

Exhibition information

Name: The 2019 Guangzhou International Lock Security Products Exhibition

Date: from December 17, 2019 to December 19, 2019

Address: Baoli World Trade Exhibition Center, Pa Zhou, Guangzhou City

Host: Shanghai Huike Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Organizer: Shanghai Huike Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Lizhi Exhibition Service Center


Shanghai Huike Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Electronic Identity Technology Application Promotion Association

Shenzhen Kuai Ba Media Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Intelligent Building Construction Association

Zhejiang Lock Industry Association

Intelligent Door Lock Institute

Door Lock Exhibition world

Smart Door Lock Marketing Alliance



Shanghai Huike Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Lizhi Exhibition Service Center

International Lock Exhibition 2019

Lock Exhibition Expo is short for The Guangzhou International Lock Security Products Exhibition 2019. The theme of this exhibition is “Smart Life, Lock the Future”, focusing on global lock product innovation, accelerating the development of the Lock Exhibition industry, and promoting the intelligent upgrade of traditional locks. In order to have a better exhibition trade, technical exchange, promotion, and further enrich the supporting activities of the Guangzhou Lock Expo, the organizers will organize a series of important activities, with the previous perspective and technology drive as the entry point to build communication. The comprehensive promotion strategy of this exhibition makes exhibitors effectively expand Chinese and international markets and have opportunities to engage with the target buyers. Wenzhou, Ningbo, Yongkang, Pujiang, Zhongshan Xiaolan, Shenzhen, etc. which are the most excellent domestic locks and security products industry bases will gather at the exhibition, displaying more than 20,000 exhibits, and about 60% are new products.

It is expected that nearly 500 locks and leading companies in the security industry will participate in the exhibition. Shanghai Lock Expo adheres to the idea of “internationalization, specialization, marketization, and branding”, and cooperates with more than 100 professional media and industry associations at home and abroad to strive to make the lock expo an international brand exhibition, integrating business discussions transactions, information exchange, and image display.

Electronic locks: smart locks, fingerprint locks, light control combination locks, magnetic card locks, IC card locks, induction locks, digital locks, invisible remote locks, face recognition locks, iris recognition locks, finger vein identification locks, etc.

Mechanical lock: fireproofing door locks, door knob locks, mortise door locks, handle door locks, luggage locks, furniture locks, push-button mechanical combination locks, various padlocks and keys.

Vehicle locks: all kinds of car locks, motorcycle locks, bicycle locks, various parking lot parking locks and locks with special specifications.

Lock accessories: fingerprint lock motors, face recognition modules, etc.

Security products: intelligent building systems, alarm systems, anti-theft systems, attendance access control systems, wireless intercom doorbells, video doorbells, card readers, etc.