What Is The Difference Between Oval And Euro Cylinders

Oval and Euro Cylinders


Oval and Euro cylinders are important for locksmiths. They help secure doors. Oval cylinders have an oval shape. Euro cylinders have a cylindrical shape. Both are key to modern security systems.

Oval and Euro Cylinder


Oval cylinders are versatile. They fit into many lock types, like mortise locks and padlocks. Euro cylinders, also known as Euro profile cylinders, are common in UPVC doors. People use them a lot in Europe.


The two have different locking mechanisms. Oval cylinders usually use pin tumbler mechanisms. Euro cylinders often use a more secure mechanism called the pin and cam system.


Both types are effective for security when installed right. They are designed to resist picking, drilling, and other tampering.


Locksmiths often suggest Euro cylinders. They work well with modern door systems and have advanced security features. But oval cylinders are also popular. They can adapt to many different locking mechanisms.


Characteristics of Oval Cylinders 


Oval cylinders possess distinct characteristics that make them indispensable in the locksmithing realm. Let’s delve into their key features.


  1. Shape and design: Oval cylinders, true to their name, sport an elongated oval shape. This unique design allows for seamless integration into various locking mechanisms.


  1. Key features: One notable feature of oval cylinders is their versatility. They can fit into different types of locks, including mortise locks and padlocks. Additionally, oval cylinders often utilize pin tumbler mechanisms for reliable security.


  1. Common applications: Oval cylinders find widespread use in both residential and commercial settings. They are commonly employed in entrance doors, interior doors, and even cabinets. Locksmiths often recommend oval cylinders for their adaptability and robust security features.


Characteristics of Euro Cylinders


Euro cylinders are important in the world of locks. They have special features that make them stand out. Let’s look at these features:


  1. Shape and Design: Euro cylinders are round and the same size all over. This simple design makes them easy to put in and use with many types of doors.


  1. Key Features: Euro cylinders have a special lock system. This system uses a pin and cam. It makes the lock strong and hard for thieves to break.


  1. Where They’re Used: You can often find Euro cylinders in UPVC doors, patio doors, and other new door systems. They work well with Euro profile locks. This makes them a popular choice for strong security.


Oval and Euro Cylinders: What’s the Difference?


Are you thinking about improving your home security? Knowing the differences between oval and euro cylinders can help. Let’s look at how they look, how to install them, their security features, and how they work with different locks.


How They Look

Oval cylinders have an oval shape. Euro cylinders are more round. Oval cylinders often look traditional. Euro cylinders look modern. Which one you choose depends on what you like and your door’s style.


How to Install Them

You need a mortise lock to install oval cylinders. It fits into the door. Euro cylinders are common with uPVC and composite doors. They need a euro profile lock case. Euro cylinders can fit more types of doors.


Security Features

Both types of cylinders have strong security features. Euro cylinders often have anti-pick, anti-drill, and anti-bump technology. This helps keep out intruders. Oval cylinders can also have these features. But it depends on the brand and model. It’s important to choose cylinders with high security to protect your home well.

How They Work with Different Locks

Euro cylinders work with many locks. This includes multi-point locking systems found in uPVC doors. This makes them a popular choice for people who want to improve security. Oval cylinders work with mortise locks. However, they might not work with other types of locking mechanisms.


Oval Cylinders: Good and Bad Points


Oval cylinders have good points and bad points for home security. Let’s look at them to help you decide.


Good Points


  • Old-Fashioned Look: Oval cylinders often make your doors look old-fashioned. This can make your home look nicer.
  • Works Well: They usually work well with mortise locks. These locks are often used in wooden doors.
  • Lasts Long: Oval cylinders are often made from strong materials. This means they can last a long time and keep your home safe.
  • Key Control: Some oval cylinders let you control keys in a better way. This lets you manage who can get in more easily.


Bad Points:


  • Doesn’t Work with All: Oval cylinders might not work with some types of locks and doors. This can limit your choices.
  • Security Issues: Some oval cylinders have good security features. But they might not protect as well as modern euro cylinders.
  • Easy to Pick: Because of how they are made, oval cylinders might be easier to pick. This means they might be easier to break into.
  • Needs More Upkeep: Oval cylinders might need more upkeep than other choices. This can make them cost more over time.


Euro Cylinders: Good and Bad Points

Oval and Euro Cylinder

Euro cylinders have good points and bad points for home security. Let’s look at them to help you decide.


Good Points


  • Strong Security: Euro cylinders often have strong security features. These can protect against break-ins.
  • Works with Many: Euro cylinders work with many types of locks. This makes them good for many types of doors, like uPVC, composite, and aluminum doors.
  • Modern Look: Euro cylinders have a sleek, round design. This can make your home look modern.
  • Easy to Change: You can change euro cylinders easily. This makes fixing them quick and easy.


Bad Points


  • Can be Snapped: Even with strong security, euro cylinders can be snapped. This is a way to break in.
  • Costs More: Euro cylinders can cost more than other types of cylinders. This can make upgrading your home security cost more.
  • Doesn’t Work with All: Euro cylinders might not work with some older doors or locks. This can limit where you can use them.
  • Hard to Install: You might need a professional to install euro cylinders. This can make them cost more to put in.


Final Words


To sum up, it’s important to know the differences between oval and euro cylinders. This knowledge helps make your home safer. You might like the old-style look of oval cylinders. Or, you might prefer the modern features of euro cylinders. Either way, safety should be your top priority. Think about how well each type fits your door. Look at their safety features. Consider how they look. These factors will help you make a good choice. Picking the right cylinder can keep your home and family safe. Stay informed and stay safe. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure.