What size is a standard Euro cylinder

A type of unique lock you may see on doors at any location is a Euro cylinder. Getting the ideal size for these locks is vital. It is crucial, especially if you wish to ensure your door is as secure as possible or require a fresh one. It can be pretty hard if you define things as “typical size” since they exist in a wide range of sizes to fit various doors. However, some sizes are more typical; these can be considered the standard sizes. You can learn everything there is to know about Euro cylinder sizes with the aid of this quick guide. You’ll explore the logic behind picking a proper door size. Also, if you want a new lock, you will find out how to find the size of the lock you currently have. Learning these factors can help ensure the proper working of your door lock. And it can assure the security of your house!

What size is a standard Euro cylinder?

Euro cylinder

In most cases, the entire length of a regular Euro cylinder lock is 60mm. It’s created in two pieces. The first digit gives the area between the cylinder’s edges and its central screw. The second digit gives the distance from the bolt’s point to the inner. However, Euro cylinders can be found in more extensive lengths, from 30/10 to 30/70. Also, it focuses on what the lock or door requires. Homes and businesses across the country use these locks daily. It is prized since it allows for an array of door types and security systems. Mixed, wooden, and uPVC doors all use them. With a focus on drilling, picking, and yelling, these locks offer fair safety. They are also able to handle several kinds of locks. They are also flexible in maintaining the safety of sites due to this benefit.

Why Euro cylinder is the best lock to protect your belongings

The Euro cylinder lock is similar to a door security role model! It fits an array of doors, making it very versatile. It can fit stylish ones built from different things or wooden ones. Also, it comes in various sizes to suit every kind of door. Still, its power is what sets it apart. It is resistant to clever ways like drilling, picking, and lock-snapping. Besides, it defends the business or property against crime. Its most fantastic feature is that you do not need to be a hero to enjoy it—anyone can set it up quickly. Using the Euro cylinder lock, you can protect your home without dealing with issues!

Where can I get the best Euro cylinder lock?

Euro cylinder

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What’s a Euro cylinder?

A Euro cylinder is a lock for doors. It’s round and is used a lot in Europe and other places.

What size is a standard Euro cylinder?

“Standard” size can change depending on the door. But it’s usually measured in millimeters and shows how long the lock is.

How do you measure a Euro cylinder?

You measure from each end to the middle, where the screw goes. Use millimeters to see how big it is.

What sizes do Euro cylinders usually come in?

They range from 60mm to 100mm, growing by 5mm steps. The numbers tell you how big each side is.

Does the size of a Euro cylinder change how safe it is?

Yes. If a cylinder sticks out too much, it might be easier for someone to break it. The right size is safer.

Are there Euro cylinders that fit any door?

Some adjustable ones can fit many doors but might only be found in some places.

Do I need a standard or offset Euro cylinder?

It depends on your door. If the lock doesn’t split evenly on each side of the door, you might need an offset one.

What do I need to measure a Euro cylinder?

Just a tape measure or ruler. Measure from the middle screw to each end.


To wrap it up, getting the correct size for your Euro cylinder lock is vital. Ensuring the security of the home or place of work is critical. But keep in mind that size is not all! It is good if you check qualities like anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti-snap technology. Also, ensuring the safety of your things is vital. Do you have any concerns about the best lock for you? Then, be bold about asking experts or security specialists for help. The ideal sizes and abilities make you feel comfortable knowing your house is safe.