What are the Different Kinds of Padlocks?

There are padlocks with different shapes and sizes based on properties.

Padlocks with closed shackles

Padlocks with closed shackles are common and they mean that the shackle is secured. It’s difficult to cut the shackle with a saw. There is a minimum requirement for many insurance companies. Padlocks with closed shackles should be used as a security devices.

The usable clearance of the padlock is reduced by enclosing the shackle. The clearance enables you to lock through a hole.

The Discus, Circular or Round Shackle Padlock

The discus padlock has a curved shackle that goes right way around its circumference. The lock body of the discus padlock is not solid, which is different from the traditional padlock. The shackle of the circular padlock is not spring-loaded. Therefore, the padlock will not be opened by using force on the keyway barrel. That’s why this kind of padlock is very popular.

Padlocks with long shackles

This kind of padlock has extended shackles, which can be used in situations when standard lengths are too restrictive. However, there is also a disadvantage of having a longer shackle, as the shackle is the weakest point of the padlock. It’s easier to use bolt cutters and saws to cut the shackles.