How to install rim locks?

installing rim locks

It’s easy to install rim locks. You can install rim locks by the following steps: First, install the keeper. The keeper of the rim lock should be fixed to the door jamb directly. Put the keeper at a proper height. Put the keeper on the door jamb and use a pencil to mark the screw […]

Components of Rim Locks

rim locks

Compared with other locks on the market, rim locks are simple. The lock body and the keeper are the main components of rim locks. Components of rim locks also include the latch and plate. Rim Locks body The rim lock body is often made of cast iron. However, nickel and brass are used to replace […]

Things about rim locks

locking rims

A rim lock is very common in many houses. In fact, I think you might have come across a rim lock without knowing. A rim lock not only has a special design but also has a wonderful history for you to discover. A rim lock is an old lock and its design hasn’t changed much over the […]

Selecting the right locks for your door

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There are a lot of locks with different designs on the market. Which one is suitable for your doors? Junying is going to detail the things which need to be taken into account concerning locks for your doors. Where are the locks need to be used? Different kinds of locks are surely needed for different […]

Improving the Security of your Garage Locks

garage locks

People keep some of the most valuable things in the garage locks, including cars, power tools, surfboards, electric guitars, etc, because there is not enough room in the other part of your home. Usually, the garage is a place where its security is easily compromised. There is only one cylinder lock in the door handle, […]

When shall you change your Door Locks?

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View details of door locks at a glance Door locks are very important to the security of your home. However, when shall you change your door locks? The cases when you need to change your door locks are as the following: When there is damage Usually, most locks have a good service life for a […]

How to protect your home when you are away? Choose the Best Lock

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Choose the best lock to protect your home: It’s terrible to find that your home has been broken into after you return from your vacation. The FBI estimates that about 90% of burglaries can be avoided and therefore there are some measures you can take to prevent home invasions. Buy a good lock It’s better […]

Rekeying or Replacing your House Locks

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There are some solutions to improve the security of your home. You can either rekey your House Locks or replace your locks. Junying is going to explain which one to choose for you. Do you like the brand of your House Locks? You should not replace your locks if you like the brand of House […]

Replacing a Lock

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When you replace a lock, that means you will be using a brand-new lock. Compared with rekeying locks, it’s more expensive to replace a lock, even though replacing a lock provides better security. Lock replacement costs more because a new lockset for the door is required. You need to decide what kind of lock you […]

Rekeying Locks

rekey smart lock

Rekeying Locks Rekeying means that the internal workings of a lock are readjusted so that the lock will be opened with a different key. If you are not a professional locksmith, it will be difficult to rekey the lock. Your old lock will be kept, but the key that you used to open the lock […]